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Vitae dilationem afferre requirit firmamentum.

Firmament, the latest surrealistic adventure from Cyan, the studio that brought you Myst, Riven, Uru, and Obduction.

Firmament is a resplendent fantastic steampunk journey — a monumental voyage through diverse and curious realms with the ever-present assistance of a helpful clockwork adjunct, and the deep and moving instruction and emotional chronicles of an ethereal mentor.

Within this eclectic, quizzical landscape everything you do leads to a mysterious event referred to as The Arrival

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A gasp for air... a release of chilled breath... the crackling sounds of melting ice.

You wake in a glacial cavern — perfused by blue. It's crowded with metal pipes and adorned with curious, clockwork gears.

Echoing machinery resonates in your ears as a massive metal door opens before you...

As you enter a dark chamber, warm lights flicker to life, revealing a frigid, yet intimate stone interior, supported by riveted iron beams. In the middle of this room is an ancient table - a teapot on one end and a frozen body slumped over the other. The corpse’s hands hold an exquisite clockwork device — held out like an offering.

You reach for the device, and suddenly… a small whir… a blue glow is birthed from its core as it comes to life and lifts from the outstretched palms of the rigid stranger. It hovers above you, watching.

An apparition appears with a message from the woman who left this gift. She planned to mentor you...

...but something has gone terribly wrong.

An immense, unexpected adventure now lies ahead.

Cyan is best known for revolutionizing the adventure game genre with Myst and Riven. More recently we pushed the boundaries of world creation with Obduction - dipping into VR for the first time. We believe that VR is the beginning of entirely new levels of immersion -- immersion that allows Cyan’s environments, storytelling, and gameplay to move forward in amazing new ways. Even though the VR market is still young, we want to start taking advantage of its creative world-building opportunities now.

Firmament is an entirely new property - the beginning of another exciting new Cyan universe. It is a deeply immersive narrative adventure game for both VR and PC that is delivered using the state-of-the-art power of Unreal Engine 4. Firmament will be designed for VR on the Rift, Vive, PSVR, and Index, but will be completely playable on normal flat monitors on Windows, macOS, and PS4 as well.

Though the game is currently under development, you can support us now, in this exciting new endeavor, and take advantage of features that will only be offered as part of this Development Campaign!

Game Design

Firmament is designed to take advantage of the VR’s unmatched sense of presence and its intuitive hand-controller interface. Stunning, enigmatic locations (with a certain callback to the steampunk roots of Myst) were conceived to allow for highly immersive and eclectic visuals for which the world-building artisans at Cyan are known. Interfacing with the puzzles and devices is designed to be as intuitively transparent as possible - using your hands to interact with the virtual world just as you would in the real world.

Unlike previous Cyan games you don’t travel this world alone. Throughout this fantastic journey you are accompanied by an ever-present adjunct: a helpful clockwork companion, which provides assistance along the journey.

You learn to communicate with the adjunct through hand gestures - developing a vocabulary you learn together. What starts as rudimentary communication evolves throughout the game into more complex actions as you solve challenges together and begin to understand the epic nature of what lies ahead.

Campaign Exclusive Content

As a special part of this Development Campaign, Firmament will be available with exclusive downloadable (DLC) content and customizations. This DLC (available ONLY during the campaign) includes several unique skins for your mechanical adjunct (including a special Myst skin) and other uniquely skinned items and elements...

AND, a special personalization option that allow certain narrative elements of the experience to be customized. (Example: Imagine a book on a shelf that has a title that you choose, or a metal plate on a piece of equipment with a date that you decide).


Cyan's games would be incomplete without an incredible score. For Firmament we'll be collaborating with several composers who will contribute to the Original Soundtrack. To help manage the music and musicians, Russell Brower has come on board as lead composer and music supervisor. Russell is a three-time Emmy Award-winning sound designer and composer and best known for his video game music for World of Warcraft.

For those who backed our Myst 25th Anniversary Collection Kickstarter, you will remember that Russell generously contributed five songs inspired by Myst. You can download them here for free.

The Game and Merchandise

For this Development Campaign, we are really excited to be working with Fangamer for registering and fulfillment of game and merchandise requests. Fangamer creates outstanding products – shirts, plushies, books, prints, pins,etc. – inspired by some of the best video games of all time. They will be helping design much of the merchandise outlined below as well as handling all the shipping and distribution.

For more information about Fangamer shipping, please go here.

(If you have ANY concerns regarding international taxes, fees, logistics, or other additional charges required by your local government or delivery service please read all the linked Fangamer information or check our FAQ.)

Funding and Stretch Goals

This Development Campaign continues a successful Kickstarter campaign where we were able to get enough funding to create Firmament. But of course we’d love to add even more to the game. With that in mind, we’ve added some amazing Stretch Goals that allow us to improve Firmament using whatever additional development funds we receive. Help us spread the word so everyone gets an even better Firmament experience!

We will be making our development process transparent and accessible to our supporters. Connect with us on discord to stay current with Firmament’s progress. Of course, we'll do our best to keep the information spoiler-free, even if you are an avid process junkie!

About Cyan

Cyan started in 1987 by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller. Their first award-winning creations, The Manhole, Cosmic Osmo, and Spelunx, were increasingly sophisticated worlds aimed at children of all ages.

In 1991, the brothers began work on Myst. They would use everything they had learned about making worlds to create a truly unique experience for a more sophisticated audience. The response was nothing short of phenomenal. Sales of over 15 million units worldwide made the Myst series the best-selling computer games of the 20th century.

Still under the leadership of Rand Miller, one of the founders, Cyan draws on our past as we dream into the future, taking advantage of technology to create new adventures that will become your worlds.

To check out our previous games please visit

Cyan is located roughly 120 trillion miles from the nearest habitable planet (near Spokane, Washington).

Select a Tier:

The Game (and a Little More)


You'll get a downloadable version of the game, PC/VR/MAC or PS4/PSVR, along with the digital Manual, digital Strategy Guide.

Thank you for helping get us one step closer to making Firmament a reality!

Estimated Delivery: July 2020

Free Shipping

The Game (and Exclusive Content)


Get a special version of Firmament - only available during this campaign. You will receive the digital download of Firmament along with exclusive downloadable content (DLC) and customizations.

This DLC (ONLY available to backers of this campaign) includes three unique skins for your mechanical adjunct (including a special Myst skin!), uniquely skinned items and elements, AND special personalization options that allow customization of some narrative elements of the experience (example: Imagine a book on a shelf that has a title that you choose. Or a metal plate on a piece of equipment with a date that you decide)!

You will also receive the Firmament digital Strategy Guide, your name in the game credits, the digital manual and all Kickstarter backer updates.

Estimated Delivery: July 2020

Free Shipping

Digital Connoisseur


This level has all the bits... We added the Firmament Original Soundtrack with music written for Firmament by Russell Brower!

You also get a beautiful, unique images, scenes, and elements from the game in the Firmament Digital Artbook, AND Hi-res Digital Art that seeded Firmament's concept from the beginning.

Of course this level has the Game and the Exclusive Content along with the other goodies mentioned in the previous tiers, like the Firmament digital Strategy Guide, your name in the game credits, the digital manual, and Kickstarter backer updates.

Estimated Delivery: July 2020

Free Shipping

Limited Edition Box


If you want a physical box you've come to the only place to get it.

You get an exclusive Firmament special 90’s vintage boxed edition, created in partnership with Fangamer. The box will contain a DVD (Windows Only) along with a few other exclusive printed goodies that will NOT be available after the campaign.

Of course, you also get all the goodies from the lower tiers... the digital game with the Exclusive Content, the Firmament Original Soundtrack, digital Strategy Guide, the digital Firmament Artbook, your name in the game credits, the digital manual, digital hi-res concept art image, and Kickstarter backer updates.

Estimated Delivery: July 2020

+$12 for shipping in the US.

+$12 for shipping outside the US.

Physical Artifact Collector


There's a special digital treat in this physical tier - the VR/PC Proof Of Concept build of Firmament! You'll get to check out our Firmament art and tech test as soon as the campaign ends! So cool!

Oh, you want some physical stuff, too? Here it is! An exclusive Firmament T-shirt! But also - a plush clockwork mechanical adjunct to assist you through real-life challenges. Oh, and did we mention the Badge? It's a real-life, metallic version of that amazing Firmament logo!

All this great merch will be created through our partnership with Fangamer.

You also get all the rest of the stuff from the lower tiers...the Vintage boxed edition containing the game (Windows Only) and more, the digital version with the exclusive content, the Firmament soundtrack, digital Strategy Guide, Digital Artbook, your name in the game credits, the digital manual, digital hi-res concept art image.

Estimated Delivery: July 2020

+$20 for shipping in the US.

+$20 for shipping outside the US.