By: Black Seven Studios Llc

The Slacker Backer is Here

For everyone who could not participate in the Kingdom of Night Kickstarter - we heard your voice!

Just days after the Kickstarter ended we started to hear from fans who felt they had missed out.

Well, we are finally able to give the second chance you've all been asking for. Including access to some of our Kickstarter exclusive rewards.

We can't thank you enough for the love and support we've received.

See you in Watford ~!



Kingdom of Night is a story driven, action-RPG set in the small town of Watford, Arizona - a community with a dark and mysterious past. 

You'll experience a sprawling hour by hour adventure through the course of a single, apocalyptic night. 

Your character must reckon with the cosmic consequences of Watford's history or else risk dooming the world to forever remain trapped in darkness.


  • Physical Game

    • Kingdom of Night is set to release on Steam (MAC & PC), GOG, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. The physical version will include reversible box art featuring both Western and Japanese art.
  • Original Soundtrack

    • Featuring the incredible music of the game's creator and a special bonus track from film score legend Vince DiCola (The Transformers: The Movie, Rocky IV).


  • Source book

    • As a companion to the game, we've created a complete guide for bringing the world of Kingdom of Night to the table top. The sourcebook is designed to be easily compatible with your favorite D20 systems and is published under the open gaming license (OGL).
    • Including 
      • A complete encyclopedia of the KoN setting and characters.
      • A brand new custom class based on the in-game archetype "The Gadgeteer"
      • An illustrated bestiary including all the enemies from the game with amazing original artwork.
      • Clues to help you find hidden secrets in the digital game (if you can find them).
      • A fully keyed, color map of Watford and the Valley.
      • An entire set of custom rules and random tables for running your own sandbox style adventures & campaigns within the setting.
      • And more...
  • DM Screen

    • A classic in table top gaming. No game master's kit is complete without his trusty DM screen. Hide your maps and die rolls in style with this full color 3 panel screen. The interior also includes handy charts and tables for some of the special rules contained within our sourcebook.

  • Tabletop Dice

    • A full set of dice for use with any tabletop role-playing game (4-sided through 20-sided)



You must select a tier to continue:

Welcome to Watford


A digital copy of Kingdom of Night on the platform of your choice.

Free Shipping

New Kid on the Block


A digital copy of Kingdom of Night, the digital soundtrack, and a digital copy of the combination artbook/sourcebook.

Free Shipping

After School Friend


A physical copy of Kingdom of Night, the digital soundtrack, a digital copy of the combination artbook/sourcebook, and a digital printable Dungeon Master screen.

Free Shipping

Tree House Club


Physical Game, digital soundtrack, combination artbook/sourcebook and Digital DM screen.

Free Shipping

Neighborhood Watch


A physical copy of Kingdom of Night, digital soundtrack, a physical copy of the combination artbook/sourcebook, a custom physical Dungeon Master screen, and a set of custom dice.

Free Shipping